A lone south kid has found her way in the alleyways of Cubao Expo just so she could do what she loves.

Just a believer of the power of small indie press and my eminent love for writing, I challenged my guts to travel up north to wishfully be a part of the wonderful place such as Studio Soup Zine Library. With sweating palms, departing bangs, and a churning stomach– I gathered up all the courage that I had to hand out my CV and talk my way in (stuttering, of course).

Alas! Here I am!

Hello, I’m Shekynah! The fresh meat intern of Studio Soup Zine Library. I traveled all the way up just to show you the latest updates all about small press and of course, giving you the scoop of the zines and other products we have in our humble little library.

Personally, I am a fan of the movement myself (as you can tell). I also make my own zines! So I’m no stranger to this world of self-publication. I appreciate every bit of hard work that goes into ever paper printed, every stapler jam, the constant cutting and the mantra of folding. I know the struggle! And I also know the joy and satisfaction when you finish so you could finally let the world see your work.

So with Kopiko 78 coursing through my veins and Conchitina Cruz’s poems coursing through my heart, come with me as I explore the diverse world of independent press right here at Studio Soup!